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The only black powder precisely formulated and 100% American-made to insure consistent, accurate and safe shooting. 

Olde-Eynsford Black Powder, by GOEX
Olde Eynsford Black Powder
KIK Black Powder
KIK Powder
Swiss Black Powder
Swiss Powder
Pinnacle -- GOEX Black Powder Substitute
Pinnacle Black Powder Substitute Granules Schuetzen Black Powder
Schuetzen German Black Powder

The office will be closed Thursday the 26th and Friday the 27th of November for Thanksgiving Day.

Online orders will be accepted while the office is closed, and will be processed after our return on November 30th.

PowderInc will be closed for Labor Day.

Labor Day: We will be closed on Monday, September 7th for the holiday and return on Tuesday, September 8th.

Online orders will be accepted while the office is closed, and will be processed after our return on September 8th.

November 24, 2015. Powder, Inc offices will close for the Thanksgiving holiday. Offices will be closed for the days, November 26 and 27, we celebrate thanks for friends, familily, and the blessings and gifts bestowed on our nation, our communities, out families and friends. We will reopen Monday, 30 November and catch up with online orders then. Thanksgiving: closed 26-27, back30th.

November 6, 2015. Veterans day. A celebration to honor America's veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good.

In November 1919, President Wilson proclaimed November 11 as the first commemoration of Armistice Day with the following words: "To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory, " In 1954 President Eisenhower signed the law that changed Armistice Day into Veterans Day, to include all those veterans who had served in America's Armed Forces. Today the 11th of November recalls the end of that bitter first World War, and honors all those who served in American uniform.

October 15, 2015. Prices. Yep, we did it. Bumped those GOEX and Old Eynsford black powder prices a bit. Sorry.

September 14, 2015. Prices. We got a shipment of GOEX and Old Eynsford powders this past summer that bothered us -- the powders cost us more. And our cost for those powders stayed higher. We had hoped to wait, and roll that change into our (sad to say, "usual") New Year's price adjustments, but that won't work; at least, not for us. Yes, I know that leaving any price increase for later would work better for y'all, but we had kinda gotten used to having bacon with our eggs *each* morning. Well, except Sunday morning, that monkey bread (pull-apart buns to some) is a nice treat. Warmed in the oven, with good butter melted on. . . Warm bread, chewey, caramel, pecans. . . Just, wow. Anyway, sorry. We will be raising our prices for all GOEX and Old Eynsford powders ordered on or after October 15, 2015.

August 11, 2015. 4-wing musket caps. We now have a nice stock of Schuetzen's 4-wing Musket caps. "For use with black powder musket loaders, in-line muskets, and basically anything with a musket nipple. " We would like to say good things about these caps, like how proud Schuetzen is of them, what customers like about them. But Schuetzen hasn't told us much. What we can actually say, is that they are here. We sold some, and haven't heard any complaints. And Schuetzen put their name on them, and sent them out to represent their company. So, Schuetzen 4-wing musket caps! Hey,some musket shooters might be interested in trying something new! *sigh* Because CCI tells us they dropped their #0301 4 wing musket cap. Gone. We ran out a week ago -- no, it has been longer than that. (We still have the RWS 4-wing musket caps, and now the Schuetzen, too!) CCI would not give an ETA on their #10 and #11 caps, it seems years we have been waiting for those. CCI caps, out. Schuetzen 4-wing musket caps, here.

July 30, 2015. Out of Way Fast Safety Fuse, and out of the 653mm Safety fuse. We have only the SF20 safety fuse left, no ETA on getting the empty safety fuse shelves filled.

March 17,2015. We are out of 3F Pinnacle. And unless someone, ahem, comes up with some more Pinnacle blackpowder, somewhere, some way, we don't expect any more. It would be a surprise, 'cause we cannot order from from the maker, since they aren't making more. Out of 3F Pinnacle.

January 1, 2015. Okay, the grim tale has tolled. The New Years Prices for blackpowder are here. In time for the New Year. Funny how that works out, a New Year and new prices. Go figure. Some changes, a buck here, 40 cents there. Transportation, mostly, with a couple modest bumps in prices. New Year's prices, here.

December 18, 2014. Swiss Nul-B. We sell it, regularly. But we just got in a smallish batch of Nul-B powder in 1/2 pound cans. Usually we sell blackpowder in 1 pound cans, and we still do. And only in 1 pound cans. But this is a special (?) occasion, because some arrived in 1/2 pound cans. Call to order Swiss Nul-B powder in 1/2 pound cans.

October 20, 2014. "Nothing heals people like other people" (from the web site). Naomi and husband Jerred are venturing to the annual conference of the Phoenix Society of burn survivors, this weekend, Oct 22-25. Jerred was invited to the international event, held this year in Anaheim, CA. It seems a year ago we were counting his days out of the hospital after the May, 2013 fire that injured him badly. Although Jerred mastered the art of the cold glass of milk a month ago or three, he is still working with the doctors to regain strength in his hands. California can be, well, California, and Anaheim isn't that far from Disneyland, and I wish the travelers a much happier road ahead. A safe trip, y'all!

April 21, 2014. Cap and Ball Loaders. Um, most of you noticed, they have been here a month or so, now. In stock, shipping both here and abroad (Thanks, all you Australians, and everyone else, too!). It seems y'all are buying one most every day. Thanks! Oh, and we are not out of our C&B Loaders.

April 9, 2014. Filler. We had some. We still got some. I put up a page again, so we can sell filler. You use this with the Cap and Ball loader, or for reloading cartridges, when you want a black powder load short of "full" in the casing. The filler lets you top up and seat the ball or bullet firmly, at the place you want. Filler, it's back.

March 18, 2014. Cap and ball cylinder loaders. We got some, and they look good. Really good. Maybe not good like a tropical island sunset, but sort of like a well balanced hammmer in a skilled blacksmith's hand kind of looking good. One change is the brass thingy (Jerry and Naomi call it a "pin") that sets in the center of the stage for the cylinder to rotate about. The C & B Cylinder Loader still comes with the basic two pins (brass thingies), but now we offer an optional third pin for Walker and Dragoon cylinders. The optional pin (brass thingy) is $5 extra, if you buy it with the Cylinder Loader, and $8 if you order separately. Cylinder loaders, here.

March 14, 2014. Jerred's surgery went well, he progresses now to a few days recovery before returning home. Therapy to restore range of motion to the shoulder, etc., will likely be intense, but should help get that glass of milk within reach.

February 27, 2014. Closed March 13. We won't be here. Jerred has some remedial surgery to improve motion of his left arm and hand -- they plan several skin grafts and releasing scar tissues. So we will be waiting with Jerred on that day. Don't expect the phones to answer on March 13, 'cause we will be at the hospital, praying for just another routine(!?) miracle, as his healing and recovery continues.

January 2, 2014. We're back! Hope your holidays were safe and filled with joy! Um, we noticed that we were blocking the 3F Schuetzen powders, um, for no real reason, since we got some in, and, well, really, we hope to sell it . . . now that it is here. You know? So, just thought we would mention that we have Schuetzen powder in F, FF, and FFF g, all ready to go. And, since we checked, it looks like the Diamondback won't be back. Sorry. It has been gone for a while, now, so it isn't like a cherished friend just disappeared, but still, not being able to look forward to the friend's retun (Diamondback 2F and 3F powders, that is) is a little sad. Bye, Diamondback! We gots Schuetzen FFFg! Have a prosperous New Year!

December 4, 2013. Jerred is doing fine, walking more, gets into vehicles without help, he is getting more use from his hands — and going for his daily hour-and-forty mintues of therapy. Ouch. Thanks, again, for the support, prayers, and good wishes. We, all of us, appreciate that.

October 11, 2013. They let Jerred out of the (second, rehab) hospital today, and he is settling in with his family now at home. There are a couple of little things, like rehab five days a week for the next while and a home nurse visit seven days a week to help care for a few remaining spots. They are still managing the healing to minimuize scars, but he is getting closer to that cold glass of milk all by himself! That, and he is home with his wife and kids. It has been a long time getting this far, and today's routines seem like blessings, compared to the hospital time with all the initial worries. It will be a couple of months for healing to progress and for rehab to wind down, but it sure is good to have the boy back home.

October 7, 2013. Um, Jerred got a day-pass. We had him home last Saturday, for the day. Let's see, there was something else. Oh, yeah. Wah-Hoo!!1! Yeah, we are getting closer to having Jerred home, where he will continue his rehab as an outpatient. He is coming along well, but still has what they call "range of motion goals to attain". Heck, how can he enjoy a good, cold glass of milk when he has trouble bending his elbows, yet? His therapist claims another month of bending, twisting, “just a bit more”, and he will be enjoying life a bit more freely. After all the chores Jerred missed this summer, Mama is determined that the boy will be able and ready to do them Thanksgiving Day dishes. 'Cause there will be a bunch of us with a bunch to be thankful for. Jerred, getting closer to getting home. (Yay!)

September 6, 2013. Jerred is progressing well in rehab, healing is progressing nicely. It looks like another three-four weeks of therapy as he works, hard, on regaining strength and agility with his hands; the rest seems to be on track. Go Jerred!

August 26, 2013. Pardon us as we accompany Jerred on a move today -- he leaves his burn trauma unit to a new hospital, to a rehab unit today. Rehab is a lot less scary, if more work, than burn trauma, and a major leap along the road to recovery. Not that, not-quite-soon-enough, we look forward to having Jerred home again and let him learn the role of "out patient". Well, maybe we look forward to full recovery, just a little bit. Happy Monday!

August 15, 2013. Yesterday's surgery for Jerred went well, he is back up and gaining strength. Evidently this was number seven (7!) of the planned five major surgeries. Ahem. Current plan is a week or two recovering, followed by two to four weeks of rehab, then we look forward to bailing him out of that hospital with all it's blessings!

Augist 12, 2013. Jerred is doing well, walking the halls again, regaining his strength. His last major, inpatient surgery is scheduled for Wednesday. We expect several minor procedures over the next year for minor corrections, but recovery is proceeding very nicely. It will be more than good to have Jerred home again, where family belongs.

August 5, 2013. This month is looking good! We have powder on hand, shipping to catch up on orders, and Jerred was moved out of ICU this past weekend!

July 31, 2013. Great news on Jerred -- not much change! Jerred continues to heal, his lungs are clearing nicely, his skin grafts are doing well, just slow, steady progress. We look forward to getting Jerred moving about again, now that his lungs are clearing --- of course, we would also like to see him skipping and dancing on home, yet we feel blessed with where we are today. Thanks to everyone for your good wishes and prayers!

July 26, 2013. Not much news on Jerred, which is a blessing. He is recovering from the surgery, from the pneumonia. They are working on returning to the level of awareness and activity he enjoyed just a while back, and he just keeps on healing. Thanks for the prayers and kind wishes!

July 22, 2013. Jerred's pneumonia still lingers. He is holding his own, but is sedated again. The surgery Friday went very long for those of us waiting, but put skin grafts on his arms, shoulders, chest, and belly, and a couple of touchups on his hands. Jerred's doctors are pleased with how very much they got done Friday, and with how well Jerred is progressing. Each graft is progress, and significantly reduces the risk of infection, so all progress here is good news. Physical therapy includes an XBOX game controller (hand and finger strength and control) and making faces with his daughter (facial muscles and emotional support for all of us). We are blessed with each step of progress, and with his continued recovery.

July 8, 2013. Some days you eat the bears, some days the bears . . We had a rough few days with Jerred. Wednesday pneumonia put a crimp in plans. We got thtrough the worst by Sunday, and he is still improving. His doctors put on hold the next in his series of surgeries (five down, more to go) for skin grafts and managing the burns from May's accident. He is stable, now, but it will be a few days before they reduce the sedation again while he rests to complete fighting this infection. We had gotten used to expecting to miss the potholes and washouts in the road to recovery, it is sobering to realize that the journey isn't over until it is over. Thanks for your prayers and good wishes, as we appreciate even more the blessings that come our way.

June 17, 2013. Jerred is still recovering. He had a tough surgery last Wednesday, and is progressing well. He has been up and walking, some, and we look forward to getting the precautionary splints off that have been supporting his elbows and knees. Thanks again for the good wishes and prayers, for Jerred and for his wife and family.

June 3, 2013. Happy Monday, all! We are working on getting orders shipped, trying to get caught up again. The news from the hospital is good, Jerred is sitting up, walking with assistance, and dreaming of when they let him drink a cool glass of fresh milk. The surgeries have gone well, again, and therapy proceeds. Thanks to our customers for your good wishes, and thanks to all our customers for your patience as we work to catch up with your orders.

May 18, 2013. Jerry tells me, “There was a serious accident at our plant on May 14 involving our younger son. He was critically injured and is in Arkansas Children’s Hospital Burn Unit in Little Rock, AR. He has had his first surgery and the doctor’s are amazed at his progress. He is looking at several weeks in the hospital, and we expect a full recovery. The out pouring of prayers, love and support from our customers have been overwhelming. We will report updates on his condition.

“We will resume regular business hours and resume shipping orders on Monday, May 20, 2013”.

September 17, 2012. 45-60 Jamison Brass -- we are out. We don't know when more will be available, and we cannot find a better story. We would like to have better news, or at least a better story. But we are out, and that is all we are sure of for now. That is all we are sure of, about the 45-60 Jamison Brass, that is. We know lots of other things, just not when the Jamison brass will be back in stock. 45-60 Jamison Brass, out. Sorry.

About Old "E"

GOEX has added Royal Blend, F, 1 1/2 F, and FF Olde Eynsford to the list of fine GOEX® powders. GOEX claims “Olde Eynsford is ideal for cartridge and round ball competitors who demand precise shot placement at long distances”. And, “Its uniformly tight grain size ensures consistent shot to shot performance .. higher velocities are attained with Olde Eynsford.” Look for this premium GOEX® black powder on our Black Powder order page.

Office hours

Yes, we keep office hours, and answer the phone during those times. Office hours start at eight o'clock, Central time (like Chicago and Houston -- that is in Texas, you know -- and in Mt Ida, down in Montgomery County, AR). 'Cause we can get our eyes open with less coffee, then. We hope. Oh, and the coffee ran out early a couple weeks back on a Friday afternoon, and the vote was "Maybe next time." But we kinda got in the habit of early weekend hours on Friday. And we started closing at 4:00 P.M. on Fridays. Office hours, open at 8 a.m. instead of 7, early outs on Friday.

Safety fuse

We ship Shogun Safety Fuse to purchasers in the US. That is the good news. For those outside the US, you folks get the bad news, because we cannot afford to ship safety fuse outside the US. Sorry, people of the world (except for those in the US, of course, because we will be pleased to ship safety fuse to you. If you buy our safety fuse.) Shogun Safety Fuse. US Sales only.

Friction Primers!

These nifty gadgets that connect the lanyard to the charged cannon and sets the whole train in motion, can be tough to find. We have a limited supply; call (877) 833-1799, during business hours, CDT, etc.) to order 50 or 100 Friction Caps.

Fuses. Again.

We heard the tales of woe about the fuse to a stump-charge fizzling out under damp or wet ground. We now have for your delight waterproof(?!) fuse. 2.2mm Shogun Safety Fuse, burns hot at 32-33 seconds per foot, in 65-foot rolls. We will be carrying the Way Fast 3.0 mm Safety Fuse as well, so you can clearly choose which of the three kinds of Safety Fuse you need to light your fire. So to speak.

More caps

CCI #10, #11, and the 24% hotter, #11 magnum caps. For revolver, muzzleloader, and muzzleloader hot shooters, respectively, we can pack a few with a small black powder order on our CapsNPowder page. You can place larger caps orders on the caps page on And the regular Powder page is still our regular Powder page. For regular black powder orders. Oh, you ought to know what I mean. Really. We just added the new caps types on the same pages where the CCI four-winged Musket caps were. And didn't change the black powder page for the new caps. Because there weren't any caps on the Order Black Powder page, and there still aren't any caps on the Order Black Powder page. Not because we don't want you to order caps and black powder (we do, that is why there is a caps page on, and a CapsNPowder page on, after all) but because it would make the OrderBlackPowder page look cluttered. Caps. CCI #10, #11, #11 magnum.

Skirmish black powder

We now offer skirmish black powder, a good, low cost powder for cannon (#1) and rifle and pistol (#3) use. Try this new Skirmish powder to figure out what it does for you. We figure that re-enactors, cowboy action shooting, and some hunters will enjoy this consistent blackpowder.

GOEX Reenactor black powder

GOEX Reenactor black powder. Here, now. Good for low pressure use for recreational shooting, with muzzleloaders - shines for blank fire in carbines, pistols, muskets, and cannon.

New Diamondback Powders web site

The Diamondback Powders web site is moving to a new domain (still the same powders, the same info on the web site), we updated our Links page - and you might want to, as well. The new home is

Two jags, with the C & B Cylinder Loader

Our justly famed and cherished Cap and Ball Cylinder Loader ships with two loading jags. I know we had been saying it ships with three, and it used to, until, ahem, that changed. Sorry for the mis-information.

Skirmish powder

Skirmish powder was popular, back when we had it, and we hated to disappoint those that wanted more. We think this is a decent black powder for shooters, and we are bringing it back, sometime real soon now. A couple of caveats. The price will be similar to before, but not quite as inexpensive. And we cannot give granulations. The reason we cannot state granulations for the new, coming Skirmish powders? Here is the reason: Because, that's why. At least, that is how I understand it. So look for Skirmish #1 for use in cannon, and Skirmish #3 for rifle and pistol.


Musket caps, the kind that go with muzzle loading and sets off the blackpowder, not the fur kind or toy coonskin kind. We gots 'em on Black Dawge And coming here, too. *cough* Working on it. Anyway, the prices dropped on the caps, too, about $5 per order. Check 'em out.

The end of the COWBOY . . and the Cartridge GOEX powders

GOEX is discontinuing the COWBOY and CARTRIDGE grade powder. We have a limited supply of the COWBOY only, and will ship "first-come, first-serve". Until it is gone. Once it is gone, uh, . . we won't ship any more? Oh, right. When it is gone, it is gone. Cie la vie. Sayonara. Adios. Finit. Caput. Listed on the "extinct" list. "So long, it's been good to know ye" and all that.

Migrating, cartridges, and

We are gathering the Black Dawge products and stuff besides black powder on the web site. And we added the Safety Fuse page here on, complete with a real, live, actual scanned copy of the warning blurb on the Safety Fuse package label. Honest! Just keep in mind, that the bullets and cartridges and brass and Cap and Ball Cylinder Loaders and powder flasks and powder measures and HiLux scopes have moved. When you leave the site now, to look at bullets, etc., you leave your shopping cart behind. So buy your powder and safety fuse (for those cannon boomers out there), then gander at the Black Dawge pages. And, yes, I know the Black Dawge pages look just like the Powder Inc pages for bullets, etc. They list the same great products, after all, just less brassy yellow and more hunter green colors on the page. Just, you know, don't get lost trying to get the bullets and black powder into the same shopping cart anymore, 'cause we now have separate shopping carts for Black Dawge Cartridge and for Powder, Inc.

Cannon fuse

We have safety fuse on hand, Shogun 3.00 mm (3 mm divided by 25.4 mm per inch, would be about 0.118 inches, or 7.5/64ths of an inch. Ain't metric a hoot?) green safety fuse. This is a vigorous and reliable fuse, timed at 1 foot in 28 seconds. We have 20 foot rolls in stock now.

Safety Fuse. New pricing, with shipping included. Ta-ra-ra Boom-der-eh! Or watch Ta-ra-ra Boom-der-eh!


Frusrated with half-full cartridges? Decided that playground sand isn't the safest filler? (Please don't try this. If the kiddies don't complain about losing their sand, it will likely act more like shrapnel when you try to fire it. I can't think sand is recommended for long barrel life, neither.)

Wonder what Black Dawge uses when loading cartridges with less powder than chock-full?

Here it is. Black Dawge Filler. This 3 lb bag full should last a while. The filler is consistent, fine grained, and is completely consumed when the cartidge is fired. And it takes up space.

Shotgun shells

Breaking news (as of July 22, 2009). Chamber size on black powder shot shells is 2 3/4" long. This is the same size they have been. We just thought it would be nice to list it, so you don't have to guess.

New Winchester '76 cartridge

We now carry a Winchester '76 cartridge in 45-60 caliber. In two styles, GOEX Black Powder, 350 gr. RNFP, and 45-60 Blackhorn 209, 300 gr. FP. Another new cartridge is the Trapdoor carbine Original Military Load, 45-70 405 Gr RNFP. Order these new cartridges on the Ammo page. We also now carry Jamison 45-60 brass; order that on the Catalog page (a brass page is coming real soon, now).

Delays in shipping

Powder, Inc. is not responsible for delays encountered after your order is picked up by FedEx or UPS.

Ammo Brass Sale

As part of the Overstock Sale, we have several thousand pieces of new cartridge brass for sale, in 44 Cal. - either Russian or Remington Magnum Starline. See the buttons on the Black Dawge Cartridge web site Catalog page.

Scopes from Leatherwood Optics!

Powder, Inc. is now a distributor for Leatherwood / Hi-Lux Optics Scopes! We now carry the classic Wm. Malcolm scope, as seen in the recent movie “3:10 to Yuma”. The Malcolm scope is built using modern optics to an authentic Wm. Malcolm style. The Short Barrel Malcolm Telescopic Rifle Sight combines superior optics with a 3x shorter form for cowboy and lever action rifles, and other shorter barrel rifles, as well as most longer barrel rifles, too.

We are pleased to carry the Toby Bridges Special Edition scope for Muzzleloaders. This 3x9 by 40mm scope has also been used successfully on shotguns.

New office hours

Office hours: Monday - Thursday 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Friday 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., Central Time (like in Chicago).

We offer ammo cartridges in quality Blackpowder loads.

You may also order by faxing your completed statement of release with your credit card information, including expiration date, 3-digit number on the back of your card at the end of the signature line and what items you would like to order. FAX: 479-754-6281.

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