Powder, Inc, Online Catalog
Powder, Inc, Online Catalog

Master Distributor for GOEX Powders
Sporting Powders for Recreational Shooters Safety (cannon) fuse Musket caps, Black powder, and combined hazmat fee! Clean, Consistent Natural Fiber Wads Reload your Revolver Cylinder - safely, easily Black Dawge Brand lead bullets. Consistent quality. Powder, Inc. Filler. Use to bulk up a short charge.

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List of Products

Powder Inc. Black Powder

Black Powder for Shooters

  • Goex Black Powder: 1-4F, Cowboy, Cartridge, Cannon, and Meal-D
  • Goex Express Black Powder: 1-3F -- Due to return Jan, 2012.
  • Swiss Black Powder: 1F, 1.5F, 2-4F, Nul-B
  • Skirmish Black Powder: #1 and
  • KIK Black Powder: 2-3F
  • Diamondback Black Powder page: 2F, 3F
  • Special Pinnacle Black Powder Substitute - full order page.
  • Pinnacle Black Powder Substitute by Goex: 2F and 3F
Powder Inc. Black Powder

Safety Fuse for Cannon Cockers

  1. Shogun 3 mm safety fuse, in 20' rolls, in two speeds.
  2. Shogun 2.2 mm safety fuse, in 65' rolls.
  3. Friction caps (call to order).
Powder Inc. Black Powder

Caps with Powder! We can double up, some, with caps and black powder in a combined shipping carton. This can save on hazmat as well as shipping fees, for smaller orders. Only on this page, though.

Clearance! Sale! Save!
Umm - we had some extras, that we can make you a deal on, if you would help us clear out the scopes we considered but haven't decided to carry, or that we got extras. New scopes, Sharpshooter, Marskman, Red Dot, Tactikal, even a Christmas Special in the Toby Bridges scopes.

Powder Inc. Black Powder

Powder Inc. Wads

Vegetable fiber, consistent and accurate.

Powder Inc. Black Powder

Temporary overstock - ammo brass!

44 Russian,
100 pieces
Plus $10 shipping
44 Russian,
1,000 pieces
Plus $10 shipping

Our Cartridge Ballistic Data Table.

Powder Inc. Black Powder

C & B Cylinder Loader

Easy, fast, and accurate C & B Cylinder Loader to load your Cap & Ball Revolver Cylinders.

Powder Inc. Black Powder


Two-grooved Black Dawge brand, custom alloy bullets ready to load.

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