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The only black powder precisely formulated and 100% American-made to insure consistent, accurate and safe shooting. 

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GOEX Express Black Powder
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Diamondback Powder
Pinnacle -- New Goex Black Powder Substitute
Pinnacle Black Powder Substitute Granules

July 21, 2010. Cannon! GOEX Cannon powder! It's almost back! . . Um, almost. See, we have been out of stock on GOEX Cannon powder for a while. The truck will be here, and we will be able to ship GOEX Cannon powder come Friday the 13th -- oh, no, no, no! It is Friday, July 23, 2010, when we will ship Cannon powder again. In greatest anticipation of this event, well, we unlocked the order form. Buy what you need, but we won't be able to ship the GOEX Cannon powder until it gets here. (Doh! Did I really say that?) On Friday, July 23, 2010. Thanks!

July 19, 2010. Pinnacle 3F (same as GOEX Pinnacle black powder substitute in FFF grain) is gone. It is official; we are out, and intend to stay that way. Buy 2F Pinnacle, please! We brought it in to sell, too. It is good product, works as great as . . uh, . . Pinnacle FF should! It's just, you know, we can't sell any more Pinnacle FFF, 'cause that would be wrong, since we don't have any to sell, really. . . Thanks!

June 25, 2010. Shelf space! Yeah, we found some shelf space! Umm, I mean, we just sold the last six (6) boxes of Pinnacle loaded 45-70 Govt., 405 gr. ammo. The last of it. No more, unless you ask us really, really nice, 'cause we have been looking for that shelf space, and we aren't planning on loading any more Pinnacle ammo. Not that we wouldn't, for a special occasion, or the right price, if the moon is in the right phase and taxes go down. Just kidding. 45-70 Government loads in 350 gr., 405 gr, and 500 gr., and 405 gr. Trapdoor cartridges, loaded with GOEX black powder, are all available at It is just the Pinnacle loaded cartridges we are clearing out. Which we got closer to doing, today. Thanks!

June 9, 2010. Diamondback - its back! Diamondback 2F is back in stock, you can order the DB 2F and we will happily take your order and your money, and then ship your order, too! No more disappointment of getting to the Diamondback page, scrolling down to order the FF granulation, and finding the box is disabled. Nope. Type in your "25" or "50", and the page lights up and you can push an order into the shopping cart. (If it doesn't work Just Like That, then email Brad at so he [me, that is] can get his problems fixed Toot Sweet.)

May 21, 2010. Holiday! Vacation! July 4th! We plan on closing at Noon, Friday, July 2nd, and be back open to process orders, answer questions, and generally get back to work bright and early, Monday, July 12th. (Yes, if you have to ask, of that same year of our Lord two thousand and ten, by the accepted Gregorian calendar. Golly.) Vacation days will be July 5-9, 2010, plus the usual weekends. From Noon on July 2, until 7 AM the 12th - there will be no one to answer phones, no one to process orders, and, yes, there will be a week's delay for orders placed right at or just a few days before we take off. Remember, our policy is to usually ship orders within four (4) to five (5) working days after we get your order. So if you plan a big (safe!) outing for the 4th, please order ahead of time, so your (July 3rd) frantic call won't have to wait (until the 12th) for us to hear it. Some of the urgency might have waned by then.

April 12, 2010. Security blurb, and request for assistance. This past week we started hearing about a warning on transactions with Black Dawge Cartridge ( and Powder, Inc. We believe this is due to changes at our credit card processor, and that the warning refers to an older browser, or a browser that isn't set up to use 128 bit encryption.

As far as we know, nothing is less secure than it has been. It may be that someone has added a additional, new check for security beyond what we have been used to. But we want to find out.

If you experience such a warning, and you are using Internet Explorer 8 or later, or another browser, please email me, the webmaster at brad.kruse AT pobox DOT com, with your browser name and version number, or if you spot something else that might be causing something to question security between our store and your computer. Many thanks! My computer doesn't show the message, so I have nothing to trouble shoot. Dang it.

November 20, 2009. Overstocks. Pinnacle ammo - you know, those excellent cartridges, loaded with real Black Dawge bullets, made with care right here in Arkansas, USA. Pinnacle is an excellent black powder substitute, shoots clean and true. Well, pretty clean, and, really, won't shoot any better than the shooter holding the gun. Sorry. But we are still looking for shelf space, under all those boxes of Pinnacle ammo. We call them “remnants” because they are the last Black Dawge Cartridge Pinnacle loads we expect to make. We don't call them remnants because we dug them out of the cutoff ends of fabric at the store. Really. We are just as proud of these Pinnacle loaded ammo cartridges as we are of the Black Dawge GOEX blackpowder cartridges. But right now there is a question about Pinnacle being available in the future, so we are getting out of the Pinnacle loads line, or at least, we are trying to clear the Pinnacle shelves. Besides, our elf heard about Aunt Susie wanting a broadfork, and now it looks like we will be getting a cat for the elf. Have you looked at cat food prices this week? We were thinking of substituting a possum for the kitty, but were afraid Cousin Kevin would spill the beans. And we don't want to have to track down that elf again. Remants. Pinnacle Ammo. Another 5% off .

October 23, 2009. Filler. Frusrated with half-full cartridges? Decided that playground sand isn't the safest filler? (Please don't try this. If the kiddies don't complain about losing their sand, it will likely act more like shrapnel when you try to fire it. I can't think sand is recommended for long barrel life, neither.)

Wonder what Black Dawge uses when loading cartridges with less powder than chock-full?

Here it is. Black Dawge Filler. This 3 lb bag full should last a while. The filler is consistent, fine grained, and is completely consumed when the cartidge is fired. And it takes up space.

July 22, 2009. Breaking news. Chamber size on black powder shot shells is 2 3/4" long. This is the same size they have been. We just thought it would be nice to list it, so you don't have to guess.

July 22, 2009. New Winchester '76 cartridge - 45-60 caliber. In two styles, GOEX Black Powder, 350 gr. RNFP, and 45-60 Blackhorn 209, 300 gr. FP. Another new cartridge is the Trapdoor carbine Original Military Load, 45-70 405 Gr RNFP. Order these new cartridges on the Ammo page. We also now carry Jamison 45-60 brass; order that on the Catalog page (a brass page is coming real soon, now).

July 20, 2009. Powder, Inc. is not responsible for delays encountered after your order is picked up by FedEx or UPS.

June 10, 2009. Overstock Sale. Cheap prices. What happened was that we checked our shelves, and saw stacks and stacks of ammo. Well, stacks, anyway. But we have some things that we just .. want to see more shelf, and less stack. To encourage our shelves to re-emerge, we are offering a cut in price, while quantities last. We have a fixed amount of stack in mind, and when that is gone, then the special is gone, too. Order at the regular price anytime, and if we run out of stack we can make more, with any luck. Back to the special. On the Ammo page, look for the Temporary Overstock items. The Temporary Overstock specials are listed separate for the Black Powder ammo in 44 Russian, 44 Colt, 44 Mag, 45-70 350 Gr, 45-90 405 Gr, and 12 Ga #6 shot shells. In Pinnacle loads, 12 Ga #6 shot shells, and 44 Colt.

Ammo Brass Sale. As part of the Overstock Sale, we have several thousand pieces of new cartridge brass for sale, in 44 Cal. - either Russian or Remington Magnum Starline. See the buttons on the Catalog page.

July 25, 2008. New office hours: Monday - Thursday 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., and Fri. 7:00 A.M. to 12:00 Noon, Central Time (like in Chicago).

October 10, 2007. Scopes from Leatherwood Optics! Powder, Inc. is now a distributor for Leatherwood / Hi-Lux Optics Scopes! We now carry the classic Wm. Malcolm scope, as seen in the recent movie “3:10 to Yuma”. The Malcolm scope is built using modern optics to an authentic Wm. Malcolm style. The Short Barrel Malcolm Telescopic Rifle Sight combines superior optics with a 3x shorter form for cowboy and lever action rifles, and other shorter barrel rifles, as well as most longer barrel rifles, too.

We are pleased to carry the Toby Bridges Special Edition scope for Muzzleloaders. This 3x9 by 40mm scope has also been used successfully on shotguns.

We offer ammo cartridges in quality Blackpowder loads.

You may also order by faxing your completed statement of release with your credit card information, including expiration date, 3-digit number on the back of your card at the end of the signature line and what items you would like to order. FAX: 479-754-6281.

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